It is in the country’s best interest that the EU take action against immigration, protect Europe’s Christian foundations and give Eastern European Member States the respect they deserve, Csaba Dömötör said on the public service television news channel M1.

In the upcoming EU debates, “ideologically motivated, political witch-hunts” cannot be ruled out, but, he added, Hungary has nominated a good candidate for commissioner in the person of László Trócsányi. At the same time, EU grants are not charitable donations, but compensation for the fact that we have opened our nation state markets, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister said.

He said it is unacceptable that Hungarian opposition parties campaigned against the election of Hungarian candidates for committee leadership positions.

Mr Dömötör observed that, by virtue of the fact that Ursula von der Leyer has been elected as President of the European Commission, the chances of a European politics better suited to Hungary’s interests have improved.

On Kossuth Radio’s programme Good morning, Hungary, the State Secretary highlighted that not a single party family has an absolute majority in the European Parliament. A majority is currently being forged, and the election of officials forms part of this process. For Hungary, security, the stopping of migration, and respect for our Christian foundations and nation states are the most important values.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)