Communication of the Government Communication Centre.

The organisers of Giro d’Italia did not request any financial sponsorship from the Metropolitan Municipality. However, on 9-10 May, the Metropolitan Municipality will have to carefully consider aspects regarding the organisation of transport as, in addition to the Giro, Budapest will also host the women’s handball Final Four and the European Union Run 16 Years – 16 Kilometres at the same weekend, and the European Aquatics Championships, too, will begin the next day. In 2019 in Brussels, at the weekend of the start of the Tour de France, public transport was made free for two days, and this is why we suggested that it would be reasonable to consider the same option in Budapest as well. At the same time, it would also be reasonable to consider creating parking facilities at some distance from the city centre and to bring supporters into the centre by means of public transport. This solution has costs; however, if the parties concerned fail to come to an agreement on this, then naturally, the start of the Giro can also be organised without free public transport.