Brussels bureaucracy wants to deny the existence of pro-immigration plans. However, the former decisions and positions of the European Parliament and the European Commission give them away, Csaba Dömötör, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister said at a press conference held on Wednesday in Budapest.

According to the State Secretary, these plans all point in the same direction: Brussels seeks to increase immigration into Europe. This jeopardises Hungary’s security in its very foundations, and the government therefore decided to embark on a comprehensive information campaign, he said.

On behalf of the government, Mr Dömötör asked the European Commission to release the minutes of the meetings of Brussels commissioners with George Soros, and to provide information regarding the decisions that were adopted at those meetings. The proposals and decisions of the European Commission and the European Parliament related to immigration are almost identical to the ideas put forward by George Soros in his positions published in multiple instalments, he said justifying the request.

In response to the European Commission’s opinion regarding the government’s information campaign, the State Secretary stressed that they try to deny the facts in vain: in November 2017 the European Parliament (EP) voted for the resettlement quotas. They want a permanent and mandatory distribution mechanism, and if someone does not wish to take part in it, they want to impose penalties. They have not revoked this concept, and want to formally introduce it, Mr Dömötör stressed, drawing attention to the fact that the proposal on this can also be found on the EP’s website.

The State Secretary said that while the European Commission denied “in an illustration intended as a spectacular feat” having any plans for the introduction of migrant visas, the EP voted on them on 11 December last year and called upon the European Commission to develop the relevant programme by this March because “the matter is of some urgency”. According to Mr Dömötör, this proposal is “hidden in a humanitarian disguise”, but the essence of the matter remains the same: the new procedure would provide an open invitation to millions of immigrants.

Regarding the “migrant bank cards”, he highlighted that according to a recent statement, in January alone 63,000 immigrants received cash transfers onto such cards, and this programme is funded by the European Commission. He recalled that on 17 January the EP decided to significantly raise the funding of political activist groups, and sought to allocate EUR 1.8 billion, that is, the equivalent of HUF 570 billion, to these organisations. According to Mr Dömötör, experiences show that these funds are usually awarded to organisations which support immigration and attack governments which seek to defend national powers.

The State Secretary also said that in May 2018 the European Commission proposed an adjustment to cohesion policy for the period between 2021 and 2027 which would result in more funding being awarded to countries taking in immigrants and less money being channelled to countries that reject immigration.

Additionally, he continued, the Brussels commission even seeks to assume border protection powers, and wants to reinforce Frontex to the detriment of the powers of the nation states. In this context, the German Chancellor herself confirmed that this plan would result in the partial resignation of national powers.

Mr Dömötör even quoted a position released by the Commission last September which proposes that Member States should launch pilot projects with African countries for immigrant workers. The title of the document itself, “Enhancing legal pathways to Europe” is rather telling, and clearly demonstrates the position Brussels has adopted on the matter: they want to increase migration, rather than stop it, he said.

He stressed that these proposals and decisions are almost identical to the ideas put forward by George Soros in his positions as he too proposed mandatory quotas and the taking in of one million immigrants annually, and called upon political activist groups to act as sponsors of immigration.

In response to reports that Joseph Daul, President of the European People’s Party condemned the Hungarian government’s latest information campaign, Mr Dömötör highlighted that while they highly respect Mr Daul and he himself holds him in the highest esteem, on this matter they share different views. “We believe that we must call a spade a spade, in particular when it comes to such a serious issue which will determine several decades,” he stated. He added that they would like the European People’s Party to adopt a more distinct approach, and “to feel less compelled to please the Left”.

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The State Secretary was asked about the sound recordings featuring Péter Jakab of Jobbik. Mr Dömötör said everyone has to take responsibility for their own words, and wondered whether the Left regards cooperation with Jobbik as compatible with their values.

The State Secretary was also asked what his thoughts were on the matter that Gergely Karácsony of the political party Párbeszéd made a spelling error in a Facebook post, while Ágnes Kunhalmi of MSZP on a poster she displayed the other day. Mr Dömötör “wished the opposition parties all the very best with their heroic struggle with Hungarian grammar”.