“Based on the partial processing of National Consultation data, the overwhelming majority of people have said no to the Soros Plan”, Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson said on Sunday in Budapest.

At his press conference, the Minister of State reminded reporters that the National Consultation on the Soros Plan was the most successful in Hungary’s history in view of the fact that over 2.3 million voters participated in it, adding that one and a half million questionnaires have been processed until 7 December, 99 percent of which were valid.

“Based on the results so far, practically every respondent said no to the fact that one million immigrants should be resettled in Europe as part of the ‘Soros Plan’, and to the fact that Hungary should demolish the border security fence, and people arriving on the continent as well as those already here should be distributed among the member states according to some kind of permanent resettlement quota”, Mr. Tuzson said, stressing: “Accordingly, the Hungarians do not want immigration and do not want to become an immigrant country”.

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The Minister of State said the vast majority of respondents had said no to the fact that “the state should pay 9 million forints per immigrant to these people in benefits” and that immigrants should be treated more leniently with respect to certain crimes.

“The participants of the National Consultation also said no to the fact that Hungary’s language and culture should change and lose significance, in addition to which they also did not accept the fact that countries that reject the ‘Soros Plan’ should pay some kind of fine”, Mr. Tuzson said.

He highlighted the fact that the Government is fully aware of the fact that “George Soros doesn’t care about the opinion of the Hungarian people”.

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According to the Minister of State, this is confirmed by the fact that George Soros recently transferred $18 billion of his wealth to his foundations, “out of which the activities with which he also wants to influence Hungarian voters have duly begun”.

“To all intents and purposes he is behaving like someone who is organising a political party; they want to act like a party, with relation to which they are already working on setting up various offices”, he said, adding that: “Accordingly, the Soros network is an organisation that operates like a political party”.

“The Hungarian Government will fight to ensure that the opinion of the Hungarian people is enforced in both Europe and Hungary, meaning that the Soros Plan is not realised in any form”, Mr. Tuzson stressed one again.

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In reply to a question, the Minister of State rejected in the strongest possible terms accusations on the part of George Soros that the National Consultation campaign had been anti-Semitic. “It is not permissible for someone who asks for the opinion of the Hungarian people on an issue to be accused of such things by the other side”, Mr. Tuzson said, adding that it brings back extremely bad memories when someone accuses the Hungarian Government of anti-Semitism when it acts in the interests of the Hungarian people.

Also in reply to a question, the Minister of State said the “casting’ with which the socialists are looking for their next candidate for Prime Minister was making political history. According to Mr. Tuzson, the last time something similar happened was following the resignation of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány.