On the first day of the spring parliamentary session Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged the National Assembly to adopt the European Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union, and also stressed that the future of Hungary is within the European Union.

In his speech the Prime Minister recalled that last December at the European Council meeting of EU Prime Ministers there had been an attempt to develop a fiscal compact, but further preparation had been decided on, instead of an immediate decision. At that time the Government of Hungary had not taken a position, wishing to leave the decision to the National Assembly.

The Government of Hungary now believes that every obstacle to Hungary’s accession to the Treaty has been overcome, as two conditions have been met: new common budgetary rules will only be binding on countries which are now members of the eurozone, and on other countries only once they join the eurozone; and the Treaty makes no reference to tax harmonization. As a result, the Prime Minister urged the National Assembly to adopt the Treaty.