“To be Hungarian is a duty, and is also a mission, to preserve the nation”, the Deputy Prime Minister for National Policy said on Tuesday in Budapest. “Hungarian citizenship is something that every Hungarian is entitled to, no matter where they live in the world”, he declared.

At the launch of a new book entitled “One-Million” on national unification and Hungarian Christian democratic politics, Zsolt Semjén highlighted: In view of his own family and Transylvanian roots, he knows very well what it means to be called a bozgor, a person without a country.

The Chairman of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) pointed out: the goal and point of the state is to assure the continued existence of the Hungarian nation and to improve people’s quality of life. “And the Hungarian nation can only survive if all parts of the nation survive”, he stressed.

“We must also see the realistic situation, however: after the Treaty of Trianon a significant part of the Hungarian peoples of the Carpathian Basin were forced to become minorities under the authority of foreign powers. As a result, natural assimilation represents a major threat”, he said. The Deputy Prime Minister also cited emigration following EU accession as another danger, which is particularly characteristic of Romania.

“For a hundred years the declared and consistent goal of successor states has been to eliminate the Hungarians living on their territory through assimilation, or worse, in the form of physical expulsion”, he added.
“The ‘high treason’ committed by the Ferenc Gyurcsány government on 5 December 2005 was a spiritual Trianon, causing brutal wounds to cross-border Hungarian communities and benefitting states that are aggressive towards us”, he also stated.

“The continued existence of the Hungarian peoples requires a strong mother country, an economically stable mother country, foreign policy, and a self-aware and proud Hungarian people that knows and professes its own national values and stands up in support of the universal national Hungarian peoples”, de added, indicating that “The funding provided to cross-border Hungarian communities has been increased tenfold since 2010”.

He highlighted the economic development programmes that have been launched in the former Hungarian territories, explaining: “This is good for the Hungarians living there, and in view of the fact that it enables economic development, it is also good for the majority nation”.

He also mentioned the government support provided to cross-border Hungarian ethnic parties and organisations, explaining: “From the perspective of the continued existence of the Hungarian peoples living there, the question of whether a given settlement has a Hungarian mayor, and whether the Hungarian party is present in parliament or not, is of crucial importance”.

At the event organised by the Kölcsey Circle Mr. Semjén, who held a public conversation with Deputy Speaker of Parliament Sándor Lezsák, said that giving Hungarian citizenship to Hungarians living abroad had been one of his personal life goals.

“The Hungarian peoples have always been one in their language and culture, and since Saint Stephen they have also been a single political nation”, he highlighted. “Stopping and reversing assimilation requires a very strong impulse, which is the affording of Hungarian citizenship to every Hungarian, no matter where they live in the world”, the Deputy Prime Minister said. “There are no A and B category Hungarians, there is a single Hungarian nation, and Hungarians living in foreign countries are entitled to the same citizenship as those living in the home country”, he declared.

“The fact that the universal Hungarian nation can vote for a single list of political candidates expresses the fact that we are all members of the same community and that the political will of every Hungarian is embodied by the Hungarian National Assembly”, he added.

Mr. Semjén also said that the “manifest persecution of Christians” is occurring as we speak and that this is also happening in Europe using sophisticated methods: people are losing their jobs because they wear a cross. “The Islamic invasion is succeeding in making headway in Europe like a knife through butter”, he declared. “Islam is not meeting Christian resistance but is advancing into a vacuum, in view of the fact that Christian civilisation and identity has been deliberately eroded in Europe in recent decades”, he explained.

“We can only defend ourselves if we can protect our borders and our Christian identity as a state, and if we reinforce our self-awareness of our Christian civilisation. People who do not regard themselves as believers, do not go to church or are indeterminate are also part of Christian civilisation”, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasised.