The Tavares report seriously infringes on and limits the independence of Hungary, Prime Minister Orbán stated at a press conference, adding that on Thursday Parliament is expected to vote on a resolution in response to the European Parliament’s decision.

He called the outcome dangerous, not primarily with regard to Hungary, but for the future of Europe and the European Union, and pointed out that the Tavares report is an attempt to put the country under guardianship, which is offensive to the Hungarian people and endangers the spirit of the EU.

Photo: Károly Árvai

"We cannot accept this attempt to unilaterally override the basic treaty, based on which we joined the European Union" the Prime Minister stated, adding that it will be Parliament and not the Government, who will respond.

The Prime Minister Orbán spoke in Dobogókő, following the signing of an agreement with the Hungarian Hikers Association.

(Prime Minister's Office)