The State Secretariat for Nation Policy of the Prime Minister’s Office was shocked to learn about the arson attack on the headquarters of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association committed in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and condemns it in the strongest possible terms.

he Government of Hungary will provide all assistance as well as the necessary funds in order to renovate the head office building and to enable the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association, the organisation which represents the interests of the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia, to resume its activities within the shortest possible time.

It is most concerning that this is the second attack within a month on the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association’s Ungvár (Uzhhorod) headquarters and consequently on the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia. We find it shocking and most concerning that in the current extremely difficult situation in Ukraine and after the adoption of measures which gravely restrict minority rights certain forces are making the situation of the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia even more difficult in this manner.

We expect the Ukrainian authorities to find the perpetrators within the shortest possible time and to make every effort to guarantee the safety of the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia.

Zsolt Semjén
Deputy Prime Minister

Árpád Potápi
Minister of State for Nation Policy

István Grezsa
Government Commissioner

(Prime Minister’s Office)