According to plans, Hungary will close every reception centre as soon as possible, with regard to the fact that, other than political refugees and persecutees, it does not intend to take in anyone, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office told journalists on Friday in Gyula.

János Lázár spoke about this after having visited the recently refurbished Almássy Castle. He said that they have to accommodate some 500 migrants, and there is no point in operating so many reception centres on account of such a small number of people. He also remarked that political refugees and persecutees „are coming to Hungary in very small numbers”. The Minister confirmed Fidesz parliamentary group leader Lajos Kósa’s words to the effect that as soon as the Ministry of Interior so decides, they will close the reception centres. He added: they intend to create custody points in the western part of the country.

„Interior Minister Sándor Pintér is evaluating the situation, and will adopt the final decision”, Mr Lázár said.