In public Kossuth Rádió's morning show “180 minutes”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán envisaged growth for Hungary in 2013. In the interview, topics including the new Governor of the National Bank of Hungary or voters’ pre-registration were touched upon.

Apart from some important issues, such as the Land Act and harmonising the Fundamental Law with the Act on electoral procedures, the Government does not intend to debate any transformative bills in 2013, as the major changes needed for the country's survival and competitiveness have already been passed by Parliament, he said, adding that “this year will be about reaping the benefits.”

Photo: MTI, Attila Kovács

When summarising the most important measures of the past two years, the Prime Minister noted the reduction of utility charges, increasing pensions and minimum wages, increasing employment, the job protection action plan and assuming the debts of local governments as the Government’s most significant results up to now.

This year’s economic agenda will deal with, among others, the implementation of the job protection action plan, the further reductions of utility charges, more intensive job creation, the continued increasing of pensions and a new action plan in favour of the employed.

Regarding election procedures, the Prime Minister noted that the governing party was guided by common sense when deciding on the pre-registration of voters. He said elections cannot be held while there is still debate on voting regulations. He added, however, that the original plans might have been necessary as voting may be inconvenient for Hungarians working abroad.

In response to questions concerning the new Governor of the National Bank of Hungary, the Prime Minister emphasized that no decision has been made regarding this matter, adding that as with all decisions, he will consider what will make the country’s life easier, safer and more predictable.

(Prime Minister's Office)