For the government Hungary comes first, and it will therefore protect the Hungarian people even if the Venice Commission and the Soros network do not like this. The government stands up for the Stop Soros legislative package, and will not revoke or repeal it as the law serves to protect Hungary and permits firm action to be taken against the organisers of illegal migration.

It is unacceptable that there are organisations assisting immigration which openly encourage migrants to abuse the laws of the EU and Hungary, including migrants who are in actual fact not even eligible for protection. We must take firm action against the organisers of illegal migration because they commit criminal offences and are harmful to Europe and Hungary.

We observe with regret that on this matter the Venice Commission does not proceed in the capacity of legal advisory body, but instead it keeps repeating the political accusations that we are all too familiar with from the communications of Brussels and the Soros network that organises immigration.

It is also unacceptable that the body refers to a lack of social consultation despite the fact that Hungary is the only place in Europe where the people were able to state their opinion regarding migration both in a referendum and in a national consultation, while in the April elections they granted the government and Parliament a clear mandate to protect the country from immigration and to take action against organisations which assist illegal migration.

(Prime Minister’s Office)