According to the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, data relating to illegal border crossing indicates that there is a need to maintain the state of emergency.

In an interview published in Wednesday’s edition of Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap, György Bakondi said the state of emergency enables the application of legal measures such as the possibility of accompanying illegal immigrants back to the border, without which the 2015 situation could easily occur again.

He reported on the fact that according to current information there are some sixty thousand registered migrants moving on the Balkan migration route, but all routes are showing increased activity, with more migrants arriving along the Spanish route this year than altogether in the 2015-2017 period, for instance. Migrants have accumulated since the recent confrontation on the Bosnian-Croatian border, and there is absolutely no guarantee that if the migrants succeed in moving on into Croatia, they will not set out in the direction of Hungary.

According to Mr. Bakondi, given the situation the Hungarian Government has offered its assistance to the countries that lie along the Balkan migration route. “There is already a Hungarian police presence in Serbia and Macedonia, but we are also ready to provide police or technical assistance to other countries if necessary”, the Chief Security Advisor said.

“The army is also ready to provide rapid assistance if required. There are forces that can be deployed on the border within 24 hours, and there are also units in reserve that are capable of becoming involved in the performance of any tasks relating to border security within 72 hours”, he added.

(MTI/Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister)