According to the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, the security fence constructed along Hungary’s southern border has not only prevented illegal immigration, but has also diverted it.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Wednesday evening current affairs program, György Bakondi said ten people had been apprehended on Tuesday and four on Wednesday, and had been accompanied back to the other side of the border, which indicates that people are still attempting to enter the country illegally, although their methods are always dependent on the current situation. These days, people are no longer attempting to enter the country via illegally crossing the green border, but by hiding in vehicles, he added.

Without the border barrier and armed guards, many more people would be attempting to enter the country illegally, he stressed.

According to Mr. Bakondi, an untenable situation has developed along the Croatian-Bosnian border in view of the fact that large numbers of refugees are arriving, but the Bosnian authorities are processing them very slowly.