The liberal, socialist claim that there is no longer migration is “clearly false”, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Sunday evening current affairs program, György Bakondi said: “The movement of migrants remains active along the Serbian and Croatian borders”.

“It has also transpired that plans for new regulations such as the UN Global Compact and the European Union’s plans to reform border protection, represent a serious danger, because large numbers of people want to cross out borders within a very short period”, he added.

“In addition, it has also become clear that migration is being organised”, Mr Bakondi said. According to the Chief Advisor, the financial organisation going on in the background is also confirmed by the fact that, as also seen by Hungarian television viewers, money is being distributed to every single member of the migrant caravan that has set off from Honduras towards the United States.

He stressed that the high state of alert ordered along Hungary’s southern border indicates that the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian authorities will not be bowing to any attack and will protect the people of Hungary.

“The authorities are continuously monitoring migration movements and the activities of the organisations that are managing it”, Mr. Bakondi said.

“The Government has now introduced preventive measures to ensure that the Hungarian authorities will be able to protect the Hungarian border no matter how migration develops and how it is organised financially”, he highlighted.

The Chief Security Advisor spoke about the fact that border protection has been reinforced via the redeployment of border hunter companies. Military personnel are also assisting police, and their numbers can be further increased if required. In addition, the civil guard and hunting associations are also helping to patrol the border, he explained.