“Hungarian society does not support the resettlement of migrants, or the fact that a central government in Brussels should decide on this issue”, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister declared on Thursday in Tatabánya.

Speaking before two hundred and fifty people at an event organised within the framework of the series of countrywide forums on the National Consultation, György Bakondi stressed: people in need must be given protection, but the uncontrolled inflow of huge numbers of people is not advantageous.

“We must not bring the problems of crisis zones into Europe; they must be solved where they arise using humanitarian assistance”, he said, adding that “If an EU member state can decide to accept migrants, it should also be able to decide if it doesn’t wish to do so”.

“In the current situation they are attacking our principle regarding the country’s internal security according to which we cannot talk about internal security if we do not know who is crossing the national border and why”, Mr. Bakondi explained.

He also said that the experiences of other countries had shown that manpower alone was ineffective in stopping illegal immigration and that a technical barrier system must be established.

Mr. Bakondi told those present that one and a half million migrants had succeeded in entering the European Union, including trained soldiers, secret service agents and missionaries who are influencing the disillusioned.

“Uncontrolled immigration has played a role in several events that have caused a major blow to public safety”, he added.

According to the Chief Security Advisor, the European Union has made no decisions to stop migration, but instead the European Commission will soon be deciding on the mandatory distribution of 106 thousand migrants, and according to verified data some 3 and a half million migrants are currently waiting in Turkey.