According to the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, György Bakondi, EU leaders could already have recognised in 2015 what Viktor Orbán has been talking about: if we do not protect our borders, we will lose the continent.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Saturday evening current affairs program, Mr. Bakondi explained: “As we approach the European Parliament elections, the left-wing liberals would like to avoid migration being at the centre of attention”. According to the Chief Security Advisor, however, this will be a difficult task, because everyone in the countries of the European Union can feel the fact that “something has begun moving in the wrong direction” on their own skin.

With relation to the migration situation, Mr. Bakondi said it has transpired that there are 1.5 million refugees in Libya as opposed to the previous estimate of 1 million, and only a small proportion of these people are under the supervision of the authorities. An increase in migration is also being observed along the Turkish-Iranian and Greek-Turkish borders, and the number of migrants on the Albanian, Bosnian and Montenegrin borders has also increased, the Chief Security Advisor told the press.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)