“More and more politicians and countries are recognising the dangers of illegal immigration and are changing their standpoints accordingly”, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minster said on Hungarian M1 television’s Friday evening current affairs program.

György Bakondi stressed: “The Hungarian Government will continue to do everything possible to assure the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people. Its actions at various international forums are also aimed at convincing decision-makers with relation to Hungary’s standpoint”.

“Not a day goes by without people smugglers and illegal immigrants attempting to cross the country’s borders”, the Chief Security Advisor said.

“Romanian border security authorities are also encountering increasing numbers of such cases”, he added.

“Large numbers of people are being found hiding in vehicles at the border. 93 people were caught attempting to enter the country illegally in the back of a truck that was stopped at a border crossing station recently”, Mr. Bakondi said.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)