According to the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Hungary’s sovereignty is inviolable, and they therefore do not support the latest proposals related to Frontex.

On the Friday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1, György Bakondi said it is out of the question that people coming from foreign countries take over “the management of the borders”, meaning the management of those entering the country.

It is for each nation state to decide who may cross its borders, not for Frontex, he stressed. He added that another reason why they do not support the reinforcement of the European border guard agency is that the envisaged personnel of 10,000 and the allocated budget would be insufficient during critical periods, while during normal times they are far more than what would be required.

In his view, it would be most important for every state to observe the rules relating to the Schengen borders because this is the way we may prevent the reinstatement of controls on the internal borders.

Hungary is a supporter of the Schengen Agreement because the area is an important social and economic achievement, he observed.

Regarding the migration situation, Mr Bakondi said the authorities are taking increasingly effective action against migrants on the Croatian border, but ever more people are trying to cross the borders via Serbia, and there is increased migrant traffic in the direction of Romania as well.