The Hungarian Government submitted to the European Commission today, within the requested deadline, its responses in the three infringement procedures initiated in January (the independence of the Hungarian National Bank and of the National Data Protection Authority and the mandatory retirement age for judges) and also to the two additional questions raised by the European Commission (concerning the functioning of the judiciary and the situation of the media).

The Hungarian authorities were continuously in contact with the European Commission and its Directorates General, and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed the issues personally with Commission President José Manuel Barroso. The letters reflect the outcome of these consultations. The next step in the procedure is the evaluation by the Commission of the responses provided.

Previous experience shows that we can expect an objective, impartial, professionally and legally sound analysis from the Commission. The Hungarian Government is committed to European values and remains open to continue the dialogue with all institutions of the European Union.

(Mr. Péter Szijjártó, spokesperson of the Prime Minister Mr. András Gíró-Szász, Government spokesperson)