According to Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi, the liberal majority which dominates the European Commission and the European Parliament would like to start some irreversible processes before next year’s EP elections and to lay down their political objectives in legal acts.

On Friday on the public service television news channel M1 Mr Bakondi said the Hungarian government will do everything in its power to prevent the implementation of these plans as these are not in the least in harmony with the will of the European people, and in particular of the Hungarian people.

In answer to a question concerning European asylum reforms, he said that migration will be the central issue of the upcoming EP elections. He took the view that politicians in Brussels would like to divert the influx of migrants in the direction of legality in such a way that the decision on whom to grant humanitarian visas should not be made by nation states, but by a European headquarters. They seek to involve in this process the very non-governmental organisations which, “financed by George Soros”, are doing everything they can both at the green borders and at sea to help illegal migrants reach Europe by frequently cooperating with people smugglers, he added. These concepts would restrict the decision-making powers of nation states, he said.

The chief security advisor dismissed Luxembourgish Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn’s statement that “without Orbán there would be no refugee crisis” as a joke. Jean Asselborn has been attacking every decision of the Hungarian government and the Hungarian people’s election decisions ever since 2015. This statement does not deserve a comment, he added.