The Ministry of National Development takes note of Uber’s decision to withdraw from Hungary rather than engage in legal operations and fair market competition with tax-paying Hungarian taxi drivers and to pay taxes itself.

The Government supports innovative solutions, but it also insists that market operators involved in passenger transport must operate legally on equal terms with their competitors, and must pay taxes.

Uber engaged in unlicensed passenger transport activities, in the process of which it ignored Hungarian regulations. It thus achieved a competitive advantage, similar to that in other countries where as a result it has been banned or seen its activities restricted. The Hungarian government and Parliament have introduced several measures designed to help Uber “legalise” its activities, and guide the company towards operating within a legal framework. Accordingly several measures have been introduced to ensure equal competitive conditions and to restrict black market taxi operations. However, Uber’s decision indicates that the company is not willing to engage in fair market competition and legal operations.

(Ministry of National Development)