On Thursday, Minister of State for Energy Affairs András Aradszki told public television channel M1 that the spread of liquefied natural gas (LNG) could increase Europe’s security of energy supply.

The Minister of State at the Ministry of National Development pointed out that it must be examined at the EU and regional level what role LNG might have in the security of supply and the development of competition in the market.
Mr. Aradszki said that an abundance of LNG can be expected in Europe, and preparations must be made to receive it. In this regard, Western Europe is in a better position than Eastern Europe.

He explained that Central and Southern European countries could connect to the infrastructures in Western Europe by constructing cross-border pipelines. If there is going to be an LNG terminal in this region, supplying liquefied natural gas will be a realistic alternative to existing sources, he said.

Mr. Aradszki pointed out that the Danube Strategy is also about creating LNG development potential. Hungary conducts on-going negotiations with the Croatian partner to ensure that once an LNG terminal is constructed on the island of Krk, the gas pipeline leading to Hungary is suitable to transport large quantities of liquefied natural gas to the country.

We do have the possibility to move forward: the infrastructure must be constructed, and once that has been achieved, this part of Europe will also be able to enjoy the alternative offered by LNG and its price-cutting and market-strengthening effect, Mr. Aradszki added.

(Ministry of National Development)