The implementation of more than 300 kilometres of priority road development has reached another important milestone. In Budapest on 2 March 2016, Minister for National Development Miklós Seszták signed a grant agreement with a total value of HUF 667 billion.

The Government’s strategic aim is to ensure that the transport infrastructure promotes competitiveness and job creation to the greatest possible extent by efficiently serving economic processes. Therefore, one of the fundamental traffic development tasks in the coming years is to establish expressway connections to county-level municipalities and to priority economic areas still lacking high-standard road connections.

DownloadPhoto: Ágnes Bartolf/Ministry of National Development

As the European Commission provides support for the development of roads outside the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) only under very strict conditions and to a limited amount, projects that can no longer be delayed in Hungary's view can only be implemented by using central budget funds. Therefore, in the coming years, the Government will support the large-scale, dynamic expansion of the public road network from national funds as well.

(Ministry of National Development)