The Prime Minister promised railway workers a thirty per cent pay rise up to 2019. Viktor Orbán’s letter regarding this promise was read out by Minister for National Development Miklós Seszták on Saturday in Nyíregyháza, at the Railway Workers’ Day event of the Hungarian railway company MÁV, the Communication Directorate of the railway company informed the Hungarian news agency MTI in a communication.

“We have begun the modernisation of our railway lines, and in consequence, some 900 kilometres of railway tracks may be refurbished in Hungary up to 2022. However, Europe’s third densest railway network would be worthless without those who fill this system with life every single day. We shall therefore raise the wages of railway workers by 30 per cent in total between 2017 and 2019. I would like being a railway worker to be not just a worthy calling, but also a job that pays well”, Mr Orbán stated in his letter thanking railway workers for their work.

After reading out the Prime Minister’s letter, Mr Seszták wished the some eight thousand railway workers and their family members who attended the July ceremony in Nyíregyháza a joyful celebration. After the Minister, Ilona Dávid, Chair-Chief Executive Officer of MÁV Zrt. said thanks for the words of recognition and the appreciation of the workers of the railway company on behalf of all railway workers.

(Ministry of National Development/MTI)