The Hungarian Minister for National Development Miklós Seszták and the head of the National Energy Office of the People’s Republic of China signed a declaration of intent on cooperation in training, the dissemination of information and research and development in nuclear science and industry on 26 May 2015 in Budapest.

Minister Miklós Seszták said that Hungary welcomes progress made by China in the utilisation of nuclear energy, making a significant contribution to the reduction of carbon-dioxide emission.

The purpose of the declaration of intent is to promote cooperation between the China and Hungary in training, the dissemination of information and research and development activities relating to nuclear energy. The agreement will enable special theoretical and practical training for scientists, trainers, researchers and other professionals engaged in work on the utilisation of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, the development and adaptation of training methodologies, the transferring of experience in the design, installation, operation an d maintenance of nuclear power plants, cooperation and sharing of knowledge in the handling and management of radioactive waste as well as the strengthening of social awareness and acceptance of nuclear energy.

The Ministry of National Development concluded a similar agreement with Vietnam in September 2013. In the context of the large scale nuclear training programme (HUVINETT) that is the first step of the implementation of the Hungarian Vietnamese cooperation agreement several groups of Vietnamese technicians have come to Hungary in multiple turns. More than 200 professionals have participated in the 6-week theoretical and practical training organised and delivered by the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and the Nuclear Technical Institute of the Budapest Technical University.

(Ministry for National Development)