Leaders from the European Union’s member states discussed the latest developments concerning international action to combat climate change at a meeting of EU Environment and Climate Ministers in Luxembourg on 19 June 2017.

Head of the Hungarian climate policy delegation Martina Makai said that Hungary has supported the establishment of a new global treaty from the very beginning, and accordingly regretted that the United States had announced its intention to exit the Paris Agreement. The Ministry of National Development’s Deputy State Secretary stressed that until the process is officially completed the USA must still fulfil its obligations as a member of the Agreement. “The exit itself will not hinder global political and economic commitment in view of the fact that the Agreement sets down guidelines for handling climate change during the upcoming decades, thus facilitating sustainable development and the transition to a low-emission economy”, she explained.

The member states also discussed the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions of sectors such as waste management, buildings, agriculture and transport, which do not fall within the sphere of competence of the European Union’s Emissions Trading System for the period 2021-2030. “It is extremely important for Hungary that the results it has achieved so far, which are far in excess of expectations, are acknowledged in the period following 2020”, Ms. Makai said.

(Ministry of National Development)