The Minister of National Development has issued calls for proposals for the exploration and exploitation of brown coal at the site of the mine known under the name “Dubicsány I – Coal” as well as for the research, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon in the areas of Battonya-Pusztaföldvár North, Berettyóújfalu, Dány, Lakócsa, Mogyoród, Nagykáta, Ócsa, Püspökladány and Sellye.

Similar to earlier mining concessions, any Hungarian or foreign natural persons and any organisations specified in Act CXCVI of 2011 on National Assets may participate in the call procedure, also within the framework of joint proposals. The calls for proposals specifying the detailed information and conditions can be purchased for a net price of HUF 100 thousand per site/area, for payment by transfer. The documentations can be collected  – by filling in the identification sheet and producing the document certifying the payment of the purchase price – from the Customer Service Office of the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology (MBFH) (address: 17-23 Columbus utca, 1145 Budapest) from 8 am to 14 pm on workdays, until the day preceding the deadline of submitting the proposals.

The proposals can be submitted as specified in the call: in the case of the mine site known under the name “Dubicsány I – Coal” and the areas of Battonya-Pusztaföldvár North, Berettyóújfalu, Dány and Lakócsa at 10-12 am on 23 September, 2015 and, in the case of Mogyoród, Nagykáta, Ócsa, Püspökladány and Sellye, at 10-12 am on 24 September, 2015, at the Customer Service of MBFH, in person. A further requirement for submitting a valid concession proposal for applicants for hydrocarbon research in addition to paying the participation fee of HUF 10 million net is depositing a proposal deposit of HUF 50 million before the proposal submission deadline. Participation fee in the case of the call for proposals for brown coal exploration and exploitation is HUF 1 million net; the proposal deposit is HUF 50 million.

Proposals are to be assessed within 90 days after the submission deadline. From the date of announcing the results, there will be 90 days available for signing the concession contracts, which deadline may be extended by the Minister of National Development on one occasion, by maximally 60 days. The concession period for brown coal is 35 years from the day the contract takes effect, while in the case of hydrocarbon research areas it is 20 years, which, in both cases, may be extended without issuing a new call on one occasion, by up to half of the original concession period.

The calls for proposals are available to read on the website of the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology (, at the government portal (, in Issue C119 of the Official Journal of the European Union ( as well as in two Hungarian national dailies.

(Ministry of National Development)