“Billionaire speculator George Soros first presented his plan, according to which the European Union must accept one million immigrants every year and distribute them among its member states using a permanent, mandatory mechanism, in July of 2015 in the Financial Times”, Deputy Justice Minister Pál Völner said.

In his article, George Soros also declares that if this does not occur then the European Union’s refugee system will collapse”, Mr. Völner added.

The Deputy Minister underlined the fact that opposition politicians are not rejecting the permanent quota.

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“Speaking on RTL Klub television in January, Chairman of Jobbik Gábor Vona said that if we are talking about accepting a few thousand people, then that is something we can consider”, he said.

“It is clear that protecting the external borders (of the European Union) is the only effective method, and the Hungarian Government continues to insist on the fact that Hungarians must have a saw in their future, and in who they want to live with”, the Parliamentary State Secretary added.

“Only the Fidesz-KDNP government can guarantee that the population can achieve this result, and this is why we are asking for support in the National Consultation”, he said.

“The goal of autumn’s National Consultation is to enable the government to cite the widespread support of public opinion in negotiations with Brussels and debates with opposition parties”, Mr. Völner stressed.

“Last May, the European Commission proposed the introduction of a mechanism with no upper limit and threatened countries that are unwilling to take part with sanctions, and accordingly ‘there is an eerie similarity to the plan described by George Soros’, and according to statements from officials in Brussels this idea is still on the agenda”, he reminded the press.

Mr. Völner quoted the statements EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos in an interview, from which it transpires that it was clear from the very beginning that Brussels was thinking in terms of a mandatory resettlement quota for the distribution of immigrants.

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“We can clearly see that the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice in the quota case has also opened a new doorway, and since then statements from Brussels are once again talking about a mandatory quota. The Government continues to reject quotas”, he added.

(Ministry of Justice/MTI)