“The expanded legal border barrier came into force tow weeks ago, and the terrorist attacks in other countries in recent days have confirmed that the stricter regulations were necessary”, the Ministry of Interior’s Parliamentary State Secretary told Hungarian news agency MTI on Tuesday.

Károly Kontrát pointed out that in Stockholm five people had been killed by a migrant who had had his asylum request rejected, the terrorist attacks in Egypt were also perpetrated by Islamic extremists, and that even the EU’s Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex was now warning that terrorists are arriving in Europe together with the migrants.

“The goal of the reinforced legal border barrier is precisely to reduce the security risk related to migration and to assure that nobody can enter the country or the territory of the European Union unchecked”, he added.

Mr. Kontrát highlighted the fact that the number of attempts to illegally cross the border have fallen significantly since the stricter regulations were introduced and that rather than undergoing checks and being identified, migrants are instead avoiding the Hungarian border and attempting to enter Europe via new routes, for instance via Romania.

“The Government is continuously monitoring the new migration routes and will introduce further measures if necessary”, he added. “There are currently 118 people accommodated in transit zones, a total of 105 new asylum requests were submitted during the past two weeks, and 22 illegal immigrants were transported back to the other side of the border from inland”, he told the press.

“In addition to the legal border barrier, the reinforcement of the physical border barrier is also in progress, and the construction of the second border security fence is progressing according to schedule”, the State Secretary told reporters.

According to Mr. Kontrát, the “pro-migrant organisations who are being funded from abroad”, have placed Hungary under an unprecedented level of fire since the legal border barrier came into force. “They are reporting the country to Brussels and are organising a rally against the border barrier during the weekend. Their goal is for the migrants to be allowed in”, he stressed.

“The goal of the pro-migrants forces is the settlement of migrants in Hungary and the legalisation of economic and illegal immigration”, he said, adding that the Government is preparing for major struggles on these issues and requires the help of the Hungarian people. “This is why we are asking everyone to participate in the National Consultation and to help the Government ‘stop Brussels’ by filling out the questionnaire”, he highlighted.