“Having seen the past two years and the threat of terrorism affecting Europe, it is certain that the Hungarian Government made a good and responsible decision when it decided to construct the fence”, the Ministry of Interior’s Parliamentary State Secretary, Károly Kontrát told Hungarian news agency MTI on Friday.

The State Secretary issued a statement to MTI with relation to that fact that the Government decided to construct a fence along the southern border because of illegal immigration and to conform to Hungary’s Schengen obligations exactly two years ago. The fence was completed in September 2015.

“Without the border barrier we could not guarantee the safety of Hungary and the Hungarian people”, he added, stressing that the fence is an excellent deterrent and is not only preventing illegal immigration, but is also protecting Hungary and Europe from the terrorism that arrives with it.

“For this reason, the Government continues to make a firm stand with relation to the fact that the fence in necessary as long as Europe is facing illegal immigration”, Mr. Kontrát added.

“We still cannot count on European border protection; instead of defence, Brussels is still forcing the mandatory resettlement quota”, the politician said.

“The Government’s goal is to protect the Hungarian people and Europe’s Schengen border no matter the pressure, in view of which a second fence has also been constructed, which was completed on 28 April”, he noted, adding that there is increasing pressure on Hungary to dismantle the fence, allow the migrants in and accept the mandatory resettlement quota.

“In May, the European Commission launched infringement proceedings against Hungary because of the transit zones, and again last week because of the quota, and the European Parliament ruling against Hungary also called on the Government to change its immigration policy. Brussels politicians and organisations are demanding that the fence be dismantled, and the socialists have recently also admitted that if they were to gain power they would demolish the fence”, the State Secretary said, highlighting that “A left-wing offensive has been launched in the interests of dismantling the fence and bringing in immigrants”.

“We regard this as extremely dangerous and unacceptable; the fence is required to ensure the security of Hungarian and European citizens in view of the terrorists that are arriving among the migrants”, he declared, adding that the Government has accordingly made it clear that it will in no way be changing its immigration policy. “We want to retain the fence, the transit zones and the legal border barrier, and an overwhelming majority people confirmed their support for us in this endeavour during the National Consultation”, he noted.

“The Government made a good and responsible decision when it decided to construct the fence two years ago and promised that the fence wold remain standing as long as there is a civil government in Hungary”, the State Secretary highlighted. “The Government is prepared for the EU proceedings”, he indicated.