Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér has reported to Parliament’s National Security Committee on the information currently available to the Counter-Terrorism Intelligence and Criminal Analysis Centre (TIBEK), the Counter-Terrorism Centre (TEK) and the Constitutional Protection Office (AH) concerning the incidents in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey on 19 December 2016.

The Minister stressed, amongst others, that based on the fragmented information currently available there is no indication that the alleged perpetrators have any connection to Hungary.

Mr. Pintér agreed with the standpoint of the Counter-Terrorism Coordination Committee: nothing warrants an increase in the current level 3 (moderate) terrorist threat level, there is no information at all to indicate the planning of a concrete act of terrorism in Hungary.

In accordance with the current threat level, the Minister of Interior did not order the implementation of further security procedures by the bodies under his authority.

However, Mr. Pintér said he expected all law enforcement bodies to immediately take all possible action if information is received that affects the security of the population.

(Ministry of Interior)