The Röszke border crossing station situated on the M5 motorway was reopened on Sunday morning after five days.

The border crossing station was opened by Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér and his Serbian counterpart, Nebojsa Stefanovic.

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Mr Pintér highlighted that extraordinary situations call for extraordinary solutions.

“The migration pressure which is falling heavy on Europe has created extraordinary situations in Hungary as well as in Serbia”, the Interior Minister said, and added: “we have devised a solution to this extraordinary situation together, and we attempted to resolve it together”. He voiced his regret that it was only possible to resolve the situation by closing the border crossing stations for a fixed term.

He pointed out that, as part of the cooperation with the Serbian Interior Minister and the Serbian Government, the parties succeeded in finding a solution to opening the border crossing station and ensuring the continued flow of passenger and cargo traffic.

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“A friend in need is a friend indeed; we were in need, and we resolved this situation as friends do. This will continue to reinforce the cooperation of the two countries”, Mr Pintér said.

Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Nebojsa Stefanovic drew attention to the fact that the two countries continue to remain faced with the challenges of the migrant crisis. At the same time, he highlighted that he agreed with his colleague that international transit, economic cooperation and the maintenance of the movement of those living in the border zones are extremely important for both countries.

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He added: Hungary and Serbia are good neighbours, the two peoples and the two countries are able to cooperate well, and the reopening of the border crossing station repeatedly demonstrates the determination of the two countries to work together in crisis situations as well.

(Prime Minister's Office/MTI)