According to the Ministry of Interior’s Parliamentary State Secretary, the series of attacks from Brussels has gained further strength during the past week, and accordingly it is now more important than ever before for us to stand up for Hungary’s interests.

Speaking at a press conference prior to a public forum on the National Consultation in Budakeszi on Monday, Károly Kontrát said with reference to the European Parliament’s decision to trigger Article 7 infringement proceedings against Hungary: It is now more important than ever for us to ‘”stand up for our interests”.

The State Secretary stressed that if many people fill out and return their National Consultation questionnaires, then the Government will be able to represent the interests of the Hungarian people more effectively.

Mr. Kontrát spoke about the fact that Hungary is primarily under attack because of its immigration policy, because it does not wish to accept migrants. He pointed out that people who want to enter the country can submit their request for asylum at one of the transit zones, and cannot enter the territory of Hungary until their asylum requests have been processed. If they refuse to comply with these regulations, they are required to leave the transit zone, which is otherwise open in the direction of Serbia. “They are in no way being held in custody”, he said.

“The European Union is asking Hungary to do away with the transit zones, to demolish the border security fence and to withdraw the regulations required for operating the legal border barrier”, he said. “The Government is committed and will not change its immigration policy”, the State Secretary declared.

“This system is working well, the resources required for its operation have been provided for again this year, and the required funding for the transit zones and for the effective continuation of border protection is also included in next year’s budget”, he continued.

Member of Parliament for the region, Zalán Zsolt Csenger, pointed out, amongst others, that Hungary is handling the migration crisis in a different way, and we can now state that it has indeed found a solution. “Europe is providing mistaken solutions, in view of which the Government decided to ask the opinion of the people of Hungary, and the National Consultation is proven tool for doing so”.

(Ministry of Interior/MTI)