“Following some one and a half years of preparation, Hungary’s law enforcement and security services are now ready to provide suitable security for the major sports events to be held in Hungary this summer”, the Ministry of Interior’s Deputy State Secretary, Zsolt Csampa said at a press conference in Budapest.

In reply to a question on the security team, Mr. Csampa told reporters that “a suitable force” with relation to both numbers and technical equipment is available to provide security for the FINA World Aquatics Championships, the European Youth Olympics Festival and the Formula One Grand Prix.

“The procurement of many pieces of equipment has been brought forward, as a result of which the police now have available an additional ten motor boats, while four others have been modernised, in addition to which they have also been given additional vehicles and bicycles”, he said.

The State Secretary told the press that over five hundred new security cameras are being installed for the events, in addition to which the procurement of explosive disposal equipment has also been accelerated.

“First we will perform our task, and then do the accounts”, he said with regard to a question on the cost of security for the events, adding that overtime is expected to provide the largest proportion of expenditure.

“Hungary is a safe country”, the State Secretary highlighted, noting that this was also taken into account when Hungary was awarded the right to host these events, and adding that the water polo event in May “was also a good dress rehearsal for the security-related part” and had proven that both the organisers and the country’s law enforcement services are well-prepared for the three events.

Mr. Csampa also said that the police had been involved in developing the related transport plans in view of the fact that the competitions will have a major effect on everyday traffic in both Budapest and Győr. “The goal in all cases was to simultaneously serve the security and comfort of locals, athletes and spectators alike”, he said.

(Ministry of Interior/MTI)