Following the European Parliament’s vote on 16 April 2014, the European Police College (CEPOL) and the Hungarian authorities signed the new CEPOL headquarters agreement at an official ceremony in Budapest.

A new headquarters for CEPOL was needed after the United Kingdom decided to sell the site of their College of Policing in Bramshill, which also housed CEPOL. EU Member States were offered the opportunity to host CEPOL and a number of applications were considered before Budapest was selected, reflecting the need to ensure the capacity to deliver future strategic plans.

The agreement, signed by Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér and CEPOL Director Ferenc Bánfi, outlines the details for the provision of the new headquarters and the responsibilities of both parties.

The newly refurbished office building will provide CEPOL with not only a new base of operations but also a large conference and training facility in the heart of Budapest.

According to the agreement, Budapest will be CEPOL’s new home for at least ten years.

(Ministry of Interior)