The expansion of the transit zones at Röszke and Tompa has been completed under the supervision of experts from the prison service and with the involvement of prisoners. A total of 324 containers were deployed at the two sties. The containers have been fitted with public utilities, electricity and heating in accordance with regulations.

Accommodation, dining rooms, bathrooms, washrooms and community spaces have been established in each of the four, separated sectors for housing migrants, in which hot and cold running water are available 24 hours-a-day.

Migrants are free to move within their designated sector. The transit zones are open in the direction of Serbia and people are free to leave the transit zones at any time in the direction of Serbia.

Office containers for social workers have also been completed, as have the security staff quarters, healthcare containers, outdoor lighting and the CCTV system. Every container has a smoke alarm and the transit zones are also fitted with fire hydrants and lightning protection. In addition to being used for administration on the part of the authorities, the IT network also enables online hearings and interviews.

In future, the prison service will only be performing follow-up tasks at the transit zones to provide the material conditions for administrative procedures.