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Minister of Interior

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Hungarian refugee care passes the test

Ministry of Interior, July 15, 2016 1:33 PM

Károly Kontrát, Minister of State at the Ministry of Interior takes the view that action must be taken against untrue claims which tar the reputation of Hungary and the Hungarian authorities, and therefore, as he said, we also firmly reject the unfounded claims of Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Hungarian and Austrian ministers consulted with respect to joint action

Government, July 15, 2016 1:24 PM

Interior Minister Sándor Pintér, Defence Minister István Simicskó, Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka and Austrian Defence and Sports Minister Hans Peter Doskozil had a meeting on Thursday in Röszke in order to discuss the options for joint action against illegal immigration.

The Ministry of Interior rejects the claims of Human Rights Watch

Ministry of Interior, July 13, 2016 8:22 PM

The Ministry of Interior rejects the claims published by the researcher of Human Rights Watch on 13 July 2016 regarding the care provided for refugees in Hungary and the protection of the borders.

The Government is preparing a new Act on freedom of assembly

Government, July 12, 2016 8:56 PM

At a press conference in Budapest, held jointly with Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér, Minister of Justice László Trócsányi said that “The Government is preparing a new Act on freedom of assembly to correct the constitutional deficiencies determined on Tuesday by the Constitutional Court”.

Brussels’ immigration policy is endangering the security and unity of Europe

Ministry of Interior, July 8, 2016 11:23 AM

“Brussels’ misguided immigration policy is endangering the security and unity of Europe”, Károly Kontrát declared following a meeting of European Union Interior Ministers in Bratislava.

Hungary and Austria to cooperate in issues of migration as well

Government, June 18, 2016 10:07 AM

Hungary and Austria are ready to cooperate in the resolution of migration issues as well, the two countries’ Defence and Interior Ministers stressed on Friday in St. Martin in Burgenland where they held bilateral talks.

We must decide ourselves who we want to live with

Ministry of Interior, June 16, 2016 1:11 PM

“Hungary must decide itself who it wishes to live with”, the Ministry of Interior’s Minister of State for Municipal Affairs declared on Wednesday in Békéscsaba, South-East Hungary.

Parliament adopts significant measure in order to increase security

Government, June 14, 2016 2:49 PM

The Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor on Homeland Security, Mr. György Bakondi, sees it as a significant step forward that Parliament voted on Monday to expand the range of asylum procedures which can be performed at the border.

Amendment of Constitution serves security of people

Government, June 7, 2016 6:02 PM

The amendment to the Fundamental Law passed by Parliament on Tuesday and the counter-terrorism package of the Ministry of Interior serve the everyday security of the Hungarian people, State Secretary for Government Communication Bence Tuzson said after the adoption of the decisions by Parliament.