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Minister of Interior

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They are attacking Hungary with another false report to take away our border protection rights

Ministry of Interior, September 18, 2018 6:35 PM

“Brussels is attacking Hungary with another report that contains untruths so they can take away our right to protect our borders”, the Ministry of Interior stressed in a statement to Hungarian news agency MTI on Tuesday.

Several European countries are following the politics of the V4

Ministry of Interior, June 26, 2018 2:57 PM

“The V4 has forged a path in Europe, and the policies that the Visegrád Group pioneered are now being followed by several countries”, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér said at a meeting between the interior ministers of the V4 countries and Austria.

Hungary is the world’s fifteenth safest country

Ministry of Interior, June 25, 2018 11:07 AM

“Without the work of the civil guard, Hungary could not be the world’s fifteenth safest country”, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér said at the opening of the 14th National Civil Guard Day and the 7th National Civil Guard Equestrian Parade in Baja on Saturday.

Hungarian and Macedonian Interior Ministers agreed on police cooperation

Ministry of Interior, March 23, 2018 1:30 PM

Without Macedonia’s efforts Hungary would be in a much more difficult situation regarding the protection of its southern borders, Interior Minister Sándor Pintér stated after he signed an agreement on police cooperation between the two states with his Macedonian counterpart.

EU Interior Ministers discuss immigration

Ministry of Interior, January 26, 2018 3:06 PM

An informal meeting of the European Union’s ministers of interior and justice was held in Sofia on 25-26 January 2018. On the interior day of the meeting, the Hungarian delegation was led by Minister of interior Dr. Sándor Pintér.

Same laws apply to everyone in Hungary

Ministry of Interior, January 23, 2018 10:27 AM

No one, including those having been granted international protection, can get away with committing crimes. They are expelled from the country or are imprisoned.

Government does not provide housing for those granted international protection and asylum seekers

Ministry of Interior, January 23, 2018 10:26 AM

In contrast to fake reports released in the press, the Government of Hungary and the Ministry of Interior do not provide housing for those granted international protection and asylum seekers in Hungary.

Government puts forward “Stop Soros” legislative package

Ministry of Interior, January 17, 2018 4:30 PM

“The Government has prepared another legislative package to combat illegal immigration; the proposed bill, which will be put forward for social debate, would require the supporters of illegal migration to disclose data and place a 25 percent duty on the funding they receive from abroad, in addition to which it would enable citizens who organise immigration to be served with newly introduced immigration restraining orders”, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér said at his press conference in the recess of Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting. Government Spokesperson Zoltan Kovács called the proposed legislative package the “Stop Soros” bill.

Demolishing the fence is part of the Soros plan

Ministry of Interior, September 25, 2017 4:23 PM

“The demolishing of the border barrier is part of George Soros’s plan, but the Government is taking a frim stand in defence of the border barrier, and is asking the people to put forwards their opinions on the issue at the national Consultation”, the Ministry of Interior’s Parliamentary State Secretary said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.