The Government is committed to supporting Hungarian families. The Government is setting up a Family Affairs Cabinet in order to ensure that family policy considerations emerge in the Government’s measures even more emphatically.

The Family Affairs Cabinet will be a forum whose mission it will be to facilitate the adoption of governmental decisions by making the relevant professional preparations and presenting proposals. Its responsibilities will include the reviewing of government proposals, programmes and strategies from the viewpoint of family policy criteria, the assessment of the system and effectiveness of family policy measures, and the tabling of proposals for the Government which are relevant to family and population policy issues.

The Cabinet will be chaired by the Minister of Human Capacities. Members of the Cabinet: the Prime Minister’s general deputy, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, the Minister of National Economy, the Justice Minister and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Chief. The Minister of State for Family and Youth affairs will be invited to the meetings of the Cabinet on a permanent basis and will perform the duties of secretary.

The Cabinet will meet with minimum monthly regularity.

(Ministry of Human Capacities, State Secretariat for Family and Youth Affairs)