“The 67th session of the World health organisation’s (WHO) Regional Committee for Europe is currently underway in Hungary, the presiding chair of which is Katalin Novák, the Ministry of Human Capacities’ Minister of State for Family, Youth and International Affairs.

At today’s session, the Regional Committee elected new members to the newly available places in its various bodies and committees.

Deputy Director General of the National Healthcare Services Centre Dr. Hanna Páva was elected as a member of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe’s Standing Committee (SCRC), with a three-year mandate.

The roles of the Standing Committee include representing the Regional Committee, assuring the implementation of the Committee’s resolutions and policies, acting as advisor with regard to issues put before the Regional Committee, consulting with the Regional Director prior to the sessions of the Regional Committee, and preparing its own proposals to put before the Regional Committee and the Regional Director.

(Ministry of Human Capacities)