Protecting European Christian values and traditions is of key importance; this is not the condemnation of another culture, but “it is our God-given obligation to protect our own”, the Minister of Human Capacities said on the subject of migration on Wednesday in Szentes, at a forum organised within the framework of the National Consultation roadshow.

Zoltán Balog stressed: “People’s first responsibility is towards their families, then towards their settlement, their Church and their nation”. This is why the fences have been constructed, “not because we hate anyone”, he pointed out.

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“We are not talking about people who are fleeing war and then plan to return home once it is over”, he noted. He stressed, however, that it has never been claimed that all migrants are terrorists, but “it does not need to be proven that terrorism has been increasing in Europe since the wave of migration began”, he added.

Mr. Balog also pointed out that based on Western European election trends is it clear that it is the left that needs migrants who will later become citizens, “because they will first vote for them, before establishing their own political parties”.

The Minister said he thought it was outrageous that “we are being put under pressure to accept migrants by countries that are financing both sides of the armed conflict”.

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“5th and 6th century churches are being bombed to the ground, Christian communities are being eradicated and these people are being slaughtered and chased out of their homelands”, he declared. “These Christians would like to return to the land of their birth, but instead after arriving in Europe they are being locked up with the same Muslims they fled from”, he said.

At the forum, Mr. Balog also mentioned that the Hungarian demographics situation was one of the subjects discussed at Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, adding that in 2010 the country was spending 900 billion forints-a-year on families, but the level of funding has since increased to 1900 billion (EUR 6.1bn), which is 47 percent of GDP. “This means Hungary is in first place in Europe in this regard”, he highlighted.

“The goal is for as many children to be born as possible”, he said, stressing that this is one of the reasons why family tax benefits are so important.

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The Minister also highlighted the fact that the number of marriages had fallen by 27 percent between 2002 and 2010, but have since increased by 45.6 percent, the highest growth in Europe by far.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)