At the meeting of Miklós Soltész, Minister of State for Church, Nationality and Civil Society Relations and Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov held on Saturday, the parties also spoke about the measures which serve to stop illegal migration.

The Minister of State spoke to the Hungarian news agency MTI about this after the ceremony held in Halásztelek in Pest County on the occasion of Bulgaria’s Independence Day. The event was also attended by Valeri Simeonov.

Mr Soltész reiterated: Bulgaria became independent in 1878, after almost 500 years of Ottoman occupation. The Hungarians, too, know only too well what occupation means, and they likewise understand that they must prepare for a similar period and situation, the Minister of State stressed. He added: at this point in time, we must respond to the enormous mass people’s movement coming from the directions of Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.

He highlighted: Bulgaria, too, built a fence to protect the country’s borders, and the Hungarians also take the view that help must be taken to the troubled regions. At the same time, the problem of demographic decline should not be remedied through immigration, the importation of a completely different culture because if a society becomes fully immersed in another culture and this immersion takes place via violent and aggressive means, the chances of survival are reduced to the minimum, he said.

The Minister of State also said that there was a strong case for joint Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek action on account of the Ukrainian education law restricting education in the mother tongue which is completely unacceptable and which affects not only Hungarians, but also the minorities of the nations taking part in this joint action.

As he said, it is perfectly natural for the Hungarians to live together with other nationalities who are not their opponents, and are quite positively not their enemies, but parts of the community that constitutes a nation.