“There is a greater need than every before for all of us to stand up in support of Hungary”, the Ministry of Human Capacities’ Parliamentary State secretary said on Wednesday at the Vác stop of the National Consultation roadshow.

Bence Rétvári stressed: “The country is in good hands when it is decided on by people who speak Hungarian, who know its history and who intend to spend their lives here, because when this was not the case during the course of history, it never meant favourable conditions for Hungary”.

“Hungarian interests can only be represented by Hungarians. Since 2010, Hungary has made a great effort to gain strength and to unify the nation on both sides of the border, and this is now facing a huge threat from immigration and developments in European politics”, he said, adding that “We are nevertheless protecting our achievements”.

Mr. Rétvári said that in his opinion some opposition politicians are deliberately ignoring these dangers, while millions of people are right now still waiting to come to Europe.

The State Secretary also said that “We must resist the continuous application of pressure, because what is at stake today is whether we will succeed in defending the border security fence, or whether it will be demolished by the activists with the support of George Soros and Brussels”. “George Soros would like to realise the ideal of open borders throughout the world, which would lead to a change in Europe’s cultural makeup”, he said.

“The National Consultation was launched to ensure that Hungary remains the country of the Hungarians, and the number of participants has broken all previous records”, Mr. Rétvári highlighted.