Hungarian Baptists are important for Hungary and the Hungarian nation, the Minister of Human Capacities said at the closing service held on Sunday in Debrecen at the 4th World Meeting of Hungarian Baptists.

Zoltán Balog said before an audience of several thousand in the Főnix Hall: the future of Hungary, Europe and the world is inconceivable without living Christian communities who are connected together not only be tradition, but also by their love of Christ and the mission of Christ.

The Minister said thanks on behalf of the Hungarian Government to Hungarian Baptists who raise more than 16 thousand children in 10 counties, in 40 localities, in 49 educational institutions, and provide for the needy in 70 social institutions.

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Mr Balog praised the Baptist community gathered together from 13 countries which he described by citing the words of Áron Tamási: „…it is our duty in the world to be at home somewhere in it”. He expressed hope that the Hungarians who came from different parts of the world feel at home in Hungary.

This idea of „being at home somewhere” is more than just national cohesion and unity, it has in it our language, our folk songs, our poetry and our Hungarian identity, Mr Balog said, but warned: our Hungarian identity in itself will never keep us alive, for this we also need the preserving power of Christ.

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The Minister drew attention to the fact that we shall celebrate in January next year the anniversary of the return to Hungary of the Holy Crown in 1978. In this context, he remarked: in those days, there were Baptists in the United States who made it all the way to President Jimmy Carter through Baptist preacher Billy Graham and others, and achieved the return of the crown.

It was part of this process that Billy Graham was able to evangelise in communist Hungary in the Tahi Camp, the head of the Ministry of Human Capacities reiterated the events of decades before.

At the service Mr Balog said thanks to the Baptist community for prayer above all. He remarked: no one should believe that the operation of a ministry which is equally responsible for education, culture, health care, social services, family affairs, social inclusion, sports, church affairs and national minorities would be possible „without help from above”. „In order to obtain that help, it is down to our prayers”, he added.

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He pointed out: they know that they do not do everything perfectly, „what’s more, there are a great many things that we don’t do perfectly, but those who pray ask the Almighty God, the Saviour, to adjust those things, to give advice so that things may take the right direction”. This is the prophetic prayer and critical solidarity with which they wish to ensure that the cause of the nation should head in the right direction, he stated.

(Ministry of Human Capacities/MTI)