“Hungary’s goal is for the UN to finally declare: migration is dangerous”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in a statement to Hungarian news agency MTI on Monday.

Mr. Szijjártó arrived in New York to attend the second round of talks on the UN Compact for Migration.

“Nobody can take away Hungary’s security, sovereignty and identity, not even the United Nations”, the Foreign Minister declared. “By claiming that migration is good, and that as a result it must be encouraged and organised, it is endangering the security, sovereignty and identity of every country, including Hungary”, he explained.

“The Hungarian Government’s goal is for the UN to finally declare that migration is dangerous and to give up its hypocritical and totally out of touch with reality policy within the framework of which it is claiming that migration is good and necessary for world development”, Mr. Szijjártó stated.

“Migration is bad and dangerous, and we want the UN to finally admit this”, the Foreign Minister said in contrast.

“Hungary will not allow entry to a single illegal immigrant because we do not want to endanger our security, our sovereignty or our identity. But if the UN Compact for Migration is adopted in its current form then it will endanger the security, sovereignty and identity of all member states, including Hungary”, he said.

According to Mr. Szijjártó, the UN wants to apply pressure to member states to admit illegal immigrants even if they are not affected by any international conflict or do not come from the neighbourhood of any know migration route.

“The UN wants the world to adopt the fact that countries shouldn’t be able to decide who they want to allow to enter their own territory, and is professing that multiculturalism is a good thing, and that illegally crossing a border should not be regarded as a crime but a simple public administration issue”, he listed.

“In contrast, in the interests of the security of the Hungarian people, Hungary is insisting on the fact that only we Hungarians should continue to be able to decide in future to whom we allow entry to the country’s territory and with whom we are prepared to cohabitate”, he said. “In the interests of the security of the Hungarian people and the country’s sovereignty, we are insisting on protecting our border and on the fact that people can only enter the country if they respect international and Hungarian regulations”, he pointed out.

“Everyone who crosses the border illegally is committing a serious crime and should receive strict punishment accordingly”, he added.

“We also insist on our identity, and do not accept the fact that multiculturalism is a good thing and is superior to uniform, orderly and homogeneous societies”, he also said. “We Hungarians have been living in the Carpathian Basin for one thousand one hundred years, and we want to continue living where we live as Hungarians”, he explained. Mr. Szijjártó said that in his opinion the right to migration is not a fundamental human right, “no matter what pressure the UN is attempting to place on us with regard to the issue”. “International law is extremely clear on the matter:  there are absolutely no rights associated with migration, and people’s security interests also make the state’s task very clear: migration must be suppressed; it must not be organised, but instead must be stopped”, he declared.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)