“Following the result of the elections, international pressure on Hungary will be increased, but the Government will be resisting this with renewed strength”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó told reporters in Dunakeszi on Thursday.

Assessing the results of Sunday’s parliamentary elections, the Minister explained that the election was one of historical importance. “Three parliamentary elections have been held in Hungary during the past eight years, and all three have been won by the Fidesz-KDNP coalition; the people assured them an overwhelming, two-thirds parliamentary majority at all three, and with a record turnout at the latest election”, he pointed out.

According to Mr Szijjártó, this means that the political will expressed by the people of Hungary is the strongest, clearest and most obvious political will in Europe.

“Today, the widest, most comprehensive and most democratic mandate for the work of the government exists here in Hungary”, he said.

“The decision of the Hungarian people is absolutely clear with regard to both the past and the future, meaning both with regard to assessing the government’s performance to date and concerning what direction they want Hungary to take”, the Minster said. “During the elections it was clear what future those who voted for the government parties want to see, and what kind of a future was voted for by people who didn’t”, he said.

“Regardless, Brussels is continuing to ignore the people of Hungary and their will”, he declared.

Today, the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) is discussing its report on Hungary, “they will be presenting the Soros report today”, he said, adding that it only took four days after the elections for Brussels to launch yet another attack on Hungary.

“On Wednesday, we contacted the LIBE Committee in the interests of enabling the representation of the Hungarian Government, so it can explain its position, but the leaders of the Committee rejected the request”, the Foreign Minister said.

“By doing so, ‘they have exposed themselves’; the LIBE Committee is performing a ‘grossly undemocratic’ procedure against Hungary, in view of the fact that they don’t care about the opinion or will of the Hungarian people”, he said. “And Hungary is represented by the Hungarian Government in accordance with the will of the Hungarian people”, he added.

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“This Government has a clear mandate to do so, but in contrast the LIBE Committee has no mandate to represent Hungary on any issue at all, and it certainly has no mandate to ignore the will of the Hungarian people”, he noted.

The Minister said that in his view there were also several attempts to influence domestic political processes during the election campaign, but the people of Hungary have made it clear that “they are grateful for the advice”, but will decide for themselves what Hungary’s future should look like.

“Despite the various influence attempts by the Soros network, despite all the influence attempts on the part of the EU and the EP, the Hungarians came to a clear decision for themselves”, he pointed out.

“Nevertheless, Brussels is continuing its series of attacks against Hungary and the Hungarian people. Despite the fact that the people of Hungary have given the anti-immigration government an absolutely clear mandate to continue its work”, he declared.

“The Soros empire and those who have interfered in the Hungarian election process are now extremely disappointed, because despite all their efforts the people of Hungary have said no to pro-immigration politics and to the parties that took this position during the election campaign”, Mr. Szijjártó said.

As a result, international pressure in Brussels, New York and Geneva will be increased, but the Government will resist the application of such pressure as it has always done “with renewed strength and double the resolve”, he said.

“The report being presented at the session of the LIBE Committee is being drawn up by an extremely pro-immigration MEP who is one of the proponents of the mandatory resettlement quota, and who has demanded that the terrorist who attacked Hungarian police and who led the attack on Hungary’s territorial sovereignty should be set free”, Mr. Szijjártó highlighted.

“The period leading up to June will be ‘particularly intense’, because the EU wants to ‘push through’ the mandatory resettlement quota until then, which it wants to definitely achieve prior to the upcoming Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in July. The fourth round of negotiations on the UN Compact for Migration will take place in May, where the EU and the UN will also be attempting to ‘put us in a vice’ to break our resistance, but they will not succeed”, he explained.

In reply to a question concerning the fact that the opposition is talking about possible election fraud, the Minister said. “The facts and the numbers say a lot”: the Fidesz-KDNP coalition received 2.6 million votes, the party that finished in second place received 1 million.

The difference is 1.6 million votes, in comparison to which the articles published by the opposition media are talking about the fact that “in three-four-five locations perhaps 20 x-es were placed wrongly” he said, adding “a single party family received 49 percent of the votes in a record turnout”.

According to Mr. Szijjártó, the character of the losers is indicated by how are able to bear their loss.

“Anyone who calls into question the legitimacy of the elections today is ignoring the democratically expressed will of the Hungarian people”, he said.

“If the elections are not won by the opposition then ‘there is no democracy’, and international liberal politics is clearly also built on this principle: if the powers that are referred to as liberal win, then there is democracy, but if they aren’t the winners then that is no longer democracy.