According to the information provided by German Police, no Hungarians were injured in the knife attack in Lübeck on Friday.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Saturday, the German authorities provided the requested information following an enquiry by the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin.

On Friday afternoon in the city of Lübeck in northern Germany, a 34-year old man wounded nine people with a knife on board a bus filled with passengers bound for Travemünde. His backpack was filled with flammable liquid, which he planned to ignite. The motive behind the attack is as yet unknown, but the authorities are not excluding the possibility that it may have been a terrorist attack.

The attacker was born in Iran, but has been a German citizen for several years and lives in Lübeck.

The man will appear in court on Saturday. The prosecutor’s office is asking for his arrest, for the moment on charges of attempted arson, grievous bodily harm and assault.

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