“The piece of new published on the 444 portal is disinformation, a typical piece of fake news”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in a statement to Hungarian news agency MTI. In the statement, which was issued on Wednesday, the Minister did not wish to comment on the non-public part of the V4 prime ministerial meetings, but called the piece published on the 444 news portal disinformation and a typical piece of fake news. In an article published on Wednesday, the internet portal wrote that the V4 did not issue a joint statement following the V4-Japan summit at the initiative of Viktor Orbán.

Citing its sources, the Origo news portal stated that it was Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš who asked that the countries of the Visegrád Group not issue a joint statement.

According to the article, which cited various pieces of information originating directly from the location of the meeting, the Czech Prime Minister raised the fact that the V4 is not competent with relation to global political issues prior to his meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. According to sources,  as a result of the protracted meeting of the chairmanship of the European People’s Party, Viktor Orbán in fact arrived late for the V4 summit on Wednesday at which the decision to not issue a joint statement was made. Origo also pointed out that the meeting was a success economically, and the Japanese Prime Minister particularly liked the V4’s position on migration. “Because in Japan, no one is allowed to settle in the country and no family unifications can take place”, the news portal added.