“The EU is preparing to adopt a development strategy that cites immigration as a positive, and accordingly Hungary will be vetoing the adoption of the document”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó told Hungarian news agency MTI on Wednesday.

“EU foreign ministers will be holding a meeting in Brussels on Thursday, and on the agenda of that meeting will be a document called the European Consensus on Development. The text of this document includes the fact that “well-managed migration and mobility” could contribute positively to growth and sustainable development, and it is mandatory to make use of this favourable contribution”, the Minister said.

As Mr. Szijjártó explained, the document also states that regular migration and mobility could be profitable because of the capabilities and expertise of migrants. Also included in the text is that the EU and its Member States must facilitate “safe and responsible migration and the mobility of people” via a reinforced cooperation, and that a more coordinated and comprehensive strategy must be implemented in the interests of “maximising the synergies that stem from migration”, he told the press.

Hungary announced its intention to veto the adoption of the document on Wednesday, as a result of which “there is currently much outrage”, the Hungarian Foreign Minister said. The council meeting of permanent representatives was postponed because of the veto, the Presidency has been repeatedly asking for the veto to be lifted, and several Member States have already indicated “their wish, or insistence” that we should not maintain this veto, he said.

“However, the decision, which was also discussed at today’s Cabinet meeting, is clear: we are maintaining our veto and Hungary will not endorse an EU development strategy that cites immigration as something positive”, Mr. Szijjártó declared. “We are also not prepared to approve the document because it calls on the EU and its Member States to support immigration”, he added.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed that “immigration is a bad thing”; in recent years it has brought many dangers to the continent and is endangering the security of Europe and the European people, and accordingly Hungary is doing everything in its power to stop immigration and “we have absolutely no intention of supporting any European Union document” that would make it mandatory for Member States to support immigration, he highlighted.

Brussels and several Member States are putting major pressure on Hungary so that we do not exercise our veto on Thursday, “but we will”, Mr. Szijjártó said, adding that he would be representing Hungary at the council meeting.