“Europe is facing the greatest threat of terrorism of all time, and accordingly clear speech and determined action are required in the interests of protecting the people of Europe”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in the recess of a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Monday.

“Recent events have shown that previous integration models have failed and there are huge tensions in European societies”, the Minister said.

“Accordingly, all European politics must be about reinstating the safety of Europe and the European people, and the European Union should be acting to prevent terrorism instead of punishing those who are attempting to stop the wave of immigration and who are introducing real measures in the interests of protecting the people of Europe”, the Minster stressed.

DownloadPhoto: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

“Illegal migration must be completely stopped in the interests of overcoming the threat of terrorism. We must ensure people who represent a danger to European societies can only enter Europe legally, and that only those who have a right to do so according to existing regulations can remain in EU territory”, Mr. Szijjártó added.

The Minister said that there had been an emotionally charged and heated debate involving personal attacks at the Council of Foreign Ministers concerning the standpoint represented mainly by Austria and Hungary according to which the decision on who can and cannot enter the European Union should be made outside the territory of the EU. “According to these two countries, it is vital that EU-maintained hotspots be established to process the registration of refugees and immigrants. The countries who are attacking this standpoint are placing immigration criteria ahead of security criteria and are firmly arguing in favour of the mandatory resettlement quotas”, he added.

“The Hungarian and Austrian proposals that are being heatedly disputed by certain countries include the fact that only countries that cooperate to a suitable extent with regard to migration and are doing everything to try to stop the flow of migration from their soil and to ensure that they do not serve as transit countries should receive development funding from the EU”, Mr. Szijjártó said. According to EU sources, Luxembourg and Germany are particularly against these proposals.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed that until there is an agreement on these issues, Europe will be unable to win the fight against terrorism.

“Hungary constructed two border security fences in the midst of international criticism, has tightened its regulations and has sent police and military personnel to the southern border of the Schengen Area and other Western Balkan countries”, he pointed out. “The EU must also take firm action instead of attacking those who are taking action against illegal migration, and should be providing assistance to those who are prepared to take real action”, Mr. Szijjártó said.