Food manufacturing company Nissin Foods inaugurated a new plant today in Kecskemét, significantly increasing the company’s production capacities in Hungary. The 33 million euro greenfield-investment established a new factory hall to replace the previous facilities. The food manufacturing company is producing its instant noodle products in Kecskemét since 2004.

At the inauguration, Mr. Szilveszter Bus, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade pointed out that the investment of the highly regarded Nissin group is of great significance to Hungary, also because it is being realized in the key sectors of agriculture and food industry. Many people in Hungary relish Japanese gastronomy and, likewise, Hungarian high-quality food is also valued in Japan. This is also a reason why Japan is Hungary’s largest market for food products outside Europe.

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The Deputy State Secretary emphasised that Japan, a strategic partner of Hungary in both political and economic terms, is also our largest Asian investor. Japanese investments in Hungary currently stand at over four billion dollars. The Japanese companies active in Hungary employ over 30,000 Hungarian employees. Their presence here is an unambiguous success story.

Mr. Szilveszter Bus added: we are pleased to see the revenue and profits of the Hungarian subsidiary of Nissin steadily rise along with the number of Hungarian employees. We are certain that with the development of Nissin’s manufacturing capacity, these numbers will continue to grow.

The leadership of Nissin decided to strengthen its presence on the Hungarian and European markets based on their previous successes here. Their move confirms that foreign investors value the steps the Government of Hungary has taken to promote investment. Hungary, as one of the most successful economies of the European Union, with its high-level of security, has become one of the most sought after countries for foreign investors in Europe.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)